The Terraces – Urban Towns in Port Credit participated in the Enbridge ‘Saving by Design’ Program including Building Design Review, Energy Evaluation and Systems Modelling with the objective of REDUCING Energy Consumption, General Operating and Long-Term Maintenance and Equipment Replacement Costs. Geothermal mechanical systems typically require significantly less maintenance and last longer than conventional gas-fired forced-air systems.

By tweaking the airtightness of the building envelope, paying close attention to insulation placement and making wise choices as to mechanical equipment and systems, Sustainable Buildings Canada has confirmed that the Townhomes will provide significant energy savings over the 2017 Ontario Building Code requirements.

By harnessing geothermal energy from the ground to heat and cool the home, daily fossil fuel use is reduced, a major factor in Climate Change.


Each Townhome at The Terraces has its own independent geothermal mechanical system – No Rental Equipment! Each system has a 600-foot deep loop, a ground source heat pump, a buffer tank and two fan coils gently circulating air through the home. Through the deep loop beneath the home, summer heat is transferred into the ground and during the winter, it is recirculated into the home.

With two thermostats, homeowners have even more comfort control throughout their home. And, no annoying external air-conditioning compressor humming day and night.

Each townhome will have its own geowell, with natural gas only used for the production of Domestic Hot Water and by BBQ and Fireplace appliances.

The Naveen Hot Water on Demand System quickly provides hot water anywhere in the home through an internal circulating pipe loop between all floors while producing as much instantaneous hot water as required without having to heat and store 50 gallons in a hot water tank in the basement. No more worries about cold water going down the drain while waiting for the hot water to arrive which means lower water consumption bills.

Each home will be equipped with two Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) that bring in fresh air on a 24/7 basis while continuously exhausting air from high use areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

All air flows are over a heat exchanger coil that pre-heats air in the winter and pre-cools in the summer.

The ERV also retains humidity within the home during the winter months and reduces humidity during summer months, thereby greatly reducing the air conditioning load and resulting in a much more comfortable living environment.